TINSTAAPP: Episode 11 – U.Jimenez v. J.Fernandez & P.Hughes v. I.Kennedy


0:00 – 4:16 — [Intro, New FB Group]

4:17 – 48:33 — [Emails: Cosart, Jansen, IP Limits]

48:34 – 1:51:20 — [Game of the Week: Jimenez at Fernandez]

1:51:21 – 2:47:22 — [Game of the Week 2: Hughes at Kennedy]

2:47:23 – 2:58:16 — [GOTW Selection: Jenrry Mejia at Wade Miley]

2:58:17 – 3:04:24 — [Upcoming and Close]

x:xx:xx – x:xx:xx — [Homework Assignments: Will be posted to FB Group]



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Music by Thrice:

Opener: Stare at the Sun

Closer: The Sky is Falling

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One Comment to “TINSTAAPP: Episode 11 – U.Jimenez v. J.Fernandez & P.Hughes v. I.Kennedy”

  1. I think I bought your pitching guide, but I did not get the confirmation or anything. Did I purchase it?

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