Monday Radio

I’m doing a couple of radio spots on Monday. First off, I’ll be joining Brian Kenny on NBC Sports Radio at 10:02 AM central to discuss Max Scherzer’s contract negotiations and the Tigers, in general. And then at 11:30 AM central, I’ll be on SiriusXM with Jeff Erickson and Chris Liss talking pitchers. You can listen online at both websites and if you don’t have SiriusXM, you can sign up for a free trial.

The SP Guide will likely be hit upon during both spots. It is available now!!!

Edit: I’ll be joining Kenny at 9:35 AM central on Tuesday!!


2 Comments to “Monday Radio”

  1. Paul – read you BP chat today with much interest, particularly your love of Cole. I have him 25th round in a 15-team OPS/SLG keeper. Which would you let go of to keep him, if any (we keep 7)? Beltre (1st round), Braun (10th), JUpton (10th), Kipnis (10th), Heyward (10th), Bogaerts (18th), Cliff Lee (29th).

    • Eric, I gotta let Beltre go there. He’s great and worth even a late-first in a a 15-teamer, but you have a first rounder in the 10th with Braun so it’s OK to let another one go. I can’t let Cole in the 25th escape!

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