BbP Originals

Highlighting some the original work found here at over the past few years

Starting Pitcher Guides                    

2008 Guide

2009 Guide

2010 Guide

2011 Guide

2012 Guide & Projections

2013 Guide


Middle Relievers


Middle Relievers

AVG Anchors: A Myth?

Measuring Impact

Top 100 Outfielders


Middle Relievers

Baseball Podcast Reco List

Closer Tiers

Favorite SPs of 2011

SV Opps by Team Performance

AL Pitching Prospects

NL Pitching Prospects

Sunday Twidbits from 2011

May 15th

May 22nd

May 29th

June 5th

June 12th

June 19th

June 26th

July 10th

July 17th


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