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Thursday: 01.24.2013

On Upton

Well, that was rude of you Atlanta & Arizona! I was working on something outlining the teams that would have a legitimate trade package worthy of Justin Upton for the Diamondbacks, but they went ahead and traded him this afternoon. I imagine that happens a lot to baseball writers. They plan something and they’re working on it then circumstances change to render it irrelevant. The trade for those unaware sends Upton and Chris Johnson to Atlanta for Martin Prado, Randall Delgado, Nick Ahmed, Zeke Spruill, and Brandon Drury. And at long lost the D’Backs ditch that scrub Upton. Their eagerness to trade Upton was absolutely absurd, but they got what they wanted and he’s gone. He joins brother BJ Upton in the Braves outfield with Jason Heyward making a ridiculous trio for the NL East contender.

The trade happened about 5 7 hours ago so there is already a ton written about it. I don’t have anything particularly to special to add. I love it for Atlanta, Upton still has superstar potential and it’s never a bad idea to add superstars. The brothers give them right-handed pop to split up Heyward, Freddie Freeman, and Brian McCann (once he returns). Arizona got a nice return, I guess. At least it wasn’t centered around Julio Teheran. Not because I dislike Teheran, but because a blue chip pitching prospect is the last thing they need, even after trading Trevor Bauer. It’s just been a horrible off-season for Kevin Towers and Co. over in the desert. Methinks a meddling owner is behind a lot of this, though.

Want me on the trade? Go here:

Monday: 05.16.2011

Mark Grace Pokes Fun at Hong-Chih Kuo’s Anxiety

In the 8th inning of Sunday’s Diamondbacks-Dodgers game, color guy Mark Grace takes a few jabs at Dodgers reliever Hong-Chih Kuo for recently hitting the disabled list due to anxiety.  Grace’s partner, Daron Sutton, appears (to my ear) to be a bit uneasy with the ribbing, but in my judgment doesn’t do enough to dissuade Grace from the path he is headed down.  I have listened to these two a lot in the past (and generally enjoyed them, I might add) and I know they have a close enough relationship to where they can tell one another anything including “knock it off” if one is getting a bit out of line.

I felt this would have been one of those times.  What do you think?  Let me know on Twitter (@sporer) or in the comments.

Daron Sutton: Hong-Chih Kuo, to be specific, placed on the DL for an anxiety disorder.

Mark Grace: What was the problem? Making too much money?

DS: I don’t think so.

MG: Playing major league baseball for a living… that’s high anxiety… man, I dunno if I’d be able to handle that.

DS: Well you actually did.

MG: (softly) That’s what I’m saying.

(h/t to @HJBosch21 for letting me know about it.  I wasn’t watching this game at the time & I’d have been watching Vin if I was.)