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Sunday: 03.1.2015

The 2015 SP Guide

This year we tackled 380 pitchers across the 30 organizations and wrote up 412 pages and 154,735 words about them. That is an average of about 400 words per player. Of course, some got many more and others aren’t in need of that many just yet. There will be an accompanying Excel file of Tiers sent out soon.

For those of you who have ordered before, you know this is standard operating procedure. It’s usually about 10 days later. If you want to get a good glimpse at how my ranks will look, you can check out the Fangraphs Rankings. There will be changes in the tiers compared to these rankings, but that’s because we haven’t updated the FG ones yet and some of my opinions have changed in the last couple of weeks as more research gets done.

We are really proud of this year’s book. I know it came out a little later than we would’ve liked, but we couldn’t sacrifice quality for a little extra time. I hope y’all can understand and appreciate that.

The 2015 SP Guide has its own site where you can get and you won’t have to wait for me to email it: