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Friday: 04.7.2006

Felix Finishes Five.

Felix Hernandez

But that's all! Felix Hernandez labored through five innings, throwing exactly 100 pitches, but allowing just one run. He allowed two hits with the one run, walked four and struck out four. He went to a three ball count nine times, but all told he wasn't on tonight and still managed to keep it very close. He can celebrate his 20th birthday tomorrow knowing that he's going to be an awesome pitcher for years to come.

Friday: 04.7.2006

Shelton in the Zone.

Chris Shelton hit his 5th home run tonight off of Texas Rangers pitcher John Koronka. Shelton is hitting .733 with six runs batted in.

Friday: 04.7.2006

King Felix’s 2006 Debut

Seattle Mariners' phenom starter Felix Hernandez makes his 2006 debut tonight against Joe Blanton and the Oakland A's .  Expectations are very high for Hernandez, including some looking for Dwight Gooden-like success despite the fact that he turns 20 tomorrow.  Gooden was simply unbelieveable at an equally young age.  I like Hernandez and think he'll be great, but not quite as great as some predict for 2006.  For tonight's debut, I'm thinking:

6 IP, 3 H, 2 ER, 2 BB, 8 K 

We'll see soon enough.

Friday: 04.7.2006

Walk the Lineup.

Daniel Cabrera walked six in the first inning against the Red Sox. Not to toot my own horn, but I did mention this on three weeks ago in my player predictions for the 2006 season:

Daniel Cabrera continues to improve, but fails to have the breakout predicted as he once again walks over 80 batters

He finally got out of it after giving up four runs.

Friday: 04.7.2006

Kastava and I were on the phone today and we were talking about how baseball obsessed we were and I said, how sweet would a be? So, I figured I should check because MLB is the leader in streaming sports (as I read in WSJ a few weeks back). At any rate, they do in fact have it and it’s $20.00 for about 500 games.

I’m going to check out the preview tonight and April is free, so plenty of time to watch and decide.