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Wednesday: 05.24.2006

Inge With Another Bomb.

I know just two days ago, I said Brandon Inge wouldn’t hold his huge home run pace. Maybe he took exception that assertion as he raised the pace a bit to 38 with his 11th home run. His two-run homer against Kansas City tonight has the Tigers up 3-0 through five right now.

Wednesday: 05.24.2006

Never Quit, Especially Against the Royals.

I don’t have much today, despite the big comeback win. I went to the bar to watch the Pistons lose game one and missed the entire Tigers game. Even at 4-0, which I saw on the ESPN scroll, I was sure the team could come back and sure enough they did. I’m pretty tired so I’ll leave on this note. Here is why the Hold statistic is a joke:

Pitcher-Ambiorix Burgos (H,1)
IP 2.1
H 2
R 2
ER 2
BB 1
SO 3

That performance should be labeled (S, 15) for Burgos’ 15th Suck of the season.

The WPC from last night: