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Thursday: 07.6.2006

What A Disgrace!

The fans got it half right. The only problem is, the half they got wrong is so pathetically wrong that it almost completely erases the correct part. For the All-Star Game Final Vote, the fans voted in Dodger firstbaseman Nomar Garciaparra for the National League and White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski for the American League. I’m thoroughly happy with Nomar winning the NL vote as he was my vote. Garciaparra outlasted Milwaukee pitcher Chris Capuano, Philadelphia outfielder Bobby Abreu, New York Mets pitcher Billy Wagner and San Diego pitcher Chris Young to earn his trip to the game. He is leading the National League with a .359 batting average and also has a .426 on-base and .582 slugging in 64 games, two more than he played all of last year.

Fans that voted for Nomar (or even Capuano and Abreu) and either Travis Hafner, Francisco Liriano or Justin Verlander, you’re excused. The rest of you: SIT DOWN! It is an aboslute travesty that Pierzynski pulled this vote off and you clowns are at fault. I can’t even get my head around it. Were you guys dropped on your heads as kids, in the past month, yesterday???? The cause seems to be a ridiculous campaign called “Punch A.J.” that fueled a bevy of ballot stuffing leading to his victory, because it certainly was any level of merit. He is so completely outclassed by Hafner, Liriano and Verlander in terms of statistics warranting an All-Star berth that it’s not even funny. The fifth candidate, Ramon Hernandez, was more deserving as well. You try to give the fans a chance to fix Ozzie Guillen‘s egregious errors and they compound his stupidity by selecting yet another one of HIS players!!! As if I needed any more reasons to hate Guillen (though I’m sure he’ll keep them pumping out faster than USWeekly can produce photographs of Paris Hilton being a dumb skank). Please keep in mind that this has nothing to do with any feelings of Pierzynski as a person. He has a negative reputation in some places, but I’m not taking any of that into account here. This rant is based strictly on the fact that Hafner, Liriano and Verlander will have three straight off-days next week when they should be in Pittsburgh and Pierzynski . I guess AJ stands for “a joke.”

Wednesday: 07.5.2006

Random Update…

Hey everyone, hope your 4th of July was enjoyable. Mine was fine outside of the extra inning loss to drop the series to Oakland. Hopefully Kenny Rogers can salvage one today against Kirk Saarloos. Still training at work for the rest of this week and to make up for getting yesterday off, we have to stay later on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday! I have plenty of stuff planned for the All-Star Break as far as looking at some things in-depth, so stay tuned for that. Tonight, I hope to have a Seattle preview up or maybe something else since there is an off-day tomorrow. Maybe something non-Tigers intensive. We’ll just have to see. Anyway, I’m pleased at how the site is growing and though I’m back in the workforce, I don’t plan on neglecting my posting duties here. Thanks to everyone who reads and I hope you continue to do so. For your reading pleasure until I get back later this evening, I suggest you take a peek at Aaron Gleeman‘s recap of his trip to the SABR convention. Most already have him on their daily roll, but just in case here it is.

Monday: 07.3.2006

Tigers Pull Two Wins; All-Stars.

It wasn’t easy, but the Tigers escape Pittsburgh with a series win after Sunday’s 9-8 win pushing their Interleague record to 15-3! Only Boston and Minnesota were better at 16-2 against the Senior Circuit. The Tigers face AL West division-leading Oakland for a three game series starting tonight. Oakland is coming off back-to-back series losses including a sweep against the Arizona Diamondbacks this past weekend. This is the team’s second visit to Oakland this year. In mid-April, they took two of three from the Athletics.

The Detroit Tigers also had two of their own named to this year’s Midsummer Classic. Ivan Rodriguez won the fan vote and will start at catcher for the American League, while Kenny Rogers was selected as a pitcher. It will be Rodriguez’s 13th trip to the festivities, while Rogers makes his 4th visit. Most notably snubbed from the team, in my estimation, was Magglio Ordonez, but it is tough to knock off reserve outfielders Jermaine Dye, Gary Matthews Jr., Alex Rios, Grady Sizemore or Vernon Wells.

Rumblings continue about the team’s search for a bat, specifically a left-handed bat. The team even contacted Larry Walker in hopes of luring him out of retirement, according to Lynn Henning in a Q&A:

Q . What other players fit the Tigers profile?

A . Just because it made perfect sense for both parties, a call was placed last week with Larry Walker, the ex-Cardinals, Rockies and Expos star who would be precisely what the Tigers need down the stretch. He, of course, retired after last season, but he is only 39 and various aches and pains that helped bring about his retirement have all but vanished.

The question was whether a left-handed hitter of his prowess, with the ability to play outfield, first base, etc., might be interested in joining his old manager, Leyland, for a half-season playoff run?

Walker appreciated the inquiry but said he was happy in West Palm Beach, Fla. He also said he was not interested in a Roger Clemens-like “un-retirement,” which is a response to be respected.

It’s a shame he’s not interested, because he has always been one of my favorite players.