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Monday: 10.8.2007

Oh Yeah, the Whole Hiatus Thing!

So I’ve been gone forever… or rather four months. I missed most of the season. I just didn’t have the adequate to dedicate to good, worthwhile posting this summer. Oddly, enough traffic didn’t just plummet, rather it tapered as people realized I wasn’t around during the summer months. I’m going to give it a go again this off-season and carry it into the 2008 season. A lot of off-season articles on baseball in general and the Tigers specifically.

Mitch Albom wrote a great piece on Jim Leyland‘s pain free one-year extension with the Tigers. It’d be just about impossible not to love Leyland if you’re a Tigers fan.

It’s really not surprising to watch Curtis Granderson excel in every endeavor he encounters, so seeing him look as smooth as can be on the set of TBS’ very solid baseball playoff coverage didn’t throw me for a loop by any stretch. Their in-studio stuff is light-hearted while still offering quality analysis and Curtis, predictably, fit right into the mix with Frank Thomas, Cal Ripken and host Ernie Johnson.

Check out this great quote from the NY Sun’s Tim Marchman discussing the impact that Johan Santana would’ve had on the Mets and their pitching woes:

Johan Santana made 33 starts this year and pitched 219 innings. Jorge Sosa’s final nine starts and all those made by Chan Ho Park, Dave Williams, Phil Humber, Mike Pelfrey, Brian Lawrence, and Jason Vargas add up to 33 starts in total, during which the Mets got 170.2 innings from their starters. If Santana had replaced all those crummy starts, the Mets’ innings averaged per start would have risen all the way to 6.1. That amounts to an inning every three days. The reason they would have been better off with Santana isn’t that he rests the bullpen, it’s that he’s about eleventy-bajillion times better than Brian Lawrence.

It’s just funny to see someone use eleventy-bajillion in an otherwise serious article. Marchman is a remarkably good baseball writer. I heavily recommend his work, which can be found in archive format here.

If you’re looking to listen to music at work or home and want a customizable variety, I heavily recommend I’m sure this isn’t a new site, but it is defintiely new to me and I absolutely love it. Regardless of your musical tastes, there is a station for you and it can parsed to your particular likings within that genre. I’m sure a lot of work filters block it, but here at my job, it’s open for business and I’ll utilize it until it’s not available.

Monday: 10.8.2007

2007 Potential Free Agents, Part I: The Hitters

Here is a look at the notable potential free agents for this winter. Notable basically means 200+ at-bats or some worthwhile statistics in fewer than 200. Options and potential opt-outs are noted as well:

Catchers 2007 Stats
Brad Ausmus HOU .235/.318/.324 in 349 ABs
Michael Barrett SD .244/.281/.372 in 344 ABs
Ramon Castro NYM .285/.331/.556 in 144 ABs
Jason Kendall CHC .242/.301/.309 in 466 ABs
Paul Lo Duca NYM .272/.311 /378 in 445 ABs
Jorge Posada NYY .338/.426/.543 in 506 ABs
Ivan Rodriguez DET (option).281/.294/.420 in 502 ABs
Yorvit Torrealba COL .255/.323/.376 in 396 ABs
Javier Valentin CIN (option).276/.328/.387 in 243 ABs

1st Basemen 2007 Stats
Sean Casey DET .296/.353/.393 in 453 ABs
Tony Clark ARZ .249/.310/.511 in 221 ABs
Jeff Conine NYM .254/.317/.383 in 256 ABs
Ryan Klesko SF .260/.344/.401 in 362 ABs
Kevin Millar BAL (option).254/.365/.420 in 476 ABs
Mark Sweeney LAD .260/.350/.382 in 123 ABs
Mike Sweeney KC .260/.315/.404 in 265 ABs

2nd Basemen 2007 Stats
Luis Castillo NYM .301/.362 /.359 in 548 ABs
Damion Easley NYM .280/.358/.466 in 193 ABs
Marcus Giles SD (option).229/.304/.317 in 420 ABs
Tony Graffanino MIL .238/.315/.390 in 231 ABs
Tadahito Iguchi PHI .267/.347/.400 in 465 ABs
Jeff Kent LAD (option) .302 /375/.500 in 494 ABs
Mark Loretta HOU .287/.352/.372 in 460 ABs
Kaz Matsui COL .288/.342/.405 in 410 ABs

Shortstops 2007 Stats
David Eckstein STL .309/.356/.382 in 434 ABs
Juan Uribe CHW (option) .234/.284/.394 in 513 ABs
Omar Vizquel SF .246/.305/.316 in 513 ABs

Third Basemen 2007 Stats
Pedro Feliz SF .253/.290/.418 in 557 ABs
Mike Lamb HOU .289/.366/.453 in 311 ABs
Mike Lowell BOS .324/.378/.501 in 589 ABs
Alex Rodriguez NYY (opt-out?).314/.422/.645 in 583 ABs

Outfielders 2007 Stats
Bobby Abreu NYY (option) .283/.369/.445 in 605 ABs
Moises Alou NYM (option) .341/.392/.524 in 328 ABs
Barry Bonds SF .276/.480/.565 in 340 ABs
Milton Bradley SD .306/.402/.545 in 209 ABs
Mike Cameron SD .242/.328/.431 in 571 ABs
Adam Dunn CIN (option) .264/.386/.554 in 522 ABs
Darin Erstad CWS (option).248/.310/.335 in 310 ABs
Kosuke Fukudome JPN ('06 stats).351/.438/.653 in 496 ABs
Luis Gonzalez LAD .278/.359/.433 in 464 ABs
Shawn Green NYM (option) .291/.352/.430 in 446 ABs
Torii Hunter MIN .287/.334/.505 in 600 ABs
Geoff Jenkins MIL (option).255/.319/.471 in 420 ABs
Andruw Jones ATL .222/.311/.413 in 572 ABs
Corey Patterson BAL .269/.304/.386 in 461 ABs
Aaron Rowand PHI .309/.374/.515 in 612 ABs
Sammy Sosa TEX .252/.311/.468 in 412 ABs
Brad Wilkerson TEX .234/.319/.467 in 338 ABs

I’ll post the pitchers tomorrow sometime.