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Thursday: 07.31.2008

Ramirez to the Dodgers; Bay to the Sox

The biggest chips being discussed today finally moved and presented great FAAB players for both the AL and NL as Manny Ramirez and Jason Bay switched leagues in a 3-way deal between Boston, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh.

(Posted at 3:58 pm)

How can you not like Ramirez?!?! This was taken at last night’s game:

Thursday: 07.31.2008

Bay to the Rays

An source is reporting that Jason Bay headed to the Tampa Bay Rays for prospects Reid Brignac and Jeff Neimann.

(Posted: 2:14 PM)

The same website posted above is now saying that the Bay deal might not be as done as originally perceived. Neimann or Brignac is believed to have been untouchable in trade talks which would be holding things up. At this point, it’s unknown since there are multiple reports on both sides.

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Thursday: 07.31.2008

Griffey to the White Sox

Sources have told me that Ken Griffey Jr. is headed to the White Sox. No word yet on what has returned to the Cincinnati Reds.

Today promises to be a fast-n-furious Trade Deadline! (Posted at 7:51 AM)

Edit to add: An Blog is confirming the Griffey deal pending his approval. (Posted at 8:21 AM)

Edit to add: It’s now awaiting Selig’s approval and Nick Masset and Danny Richar have been named as the returning pieces for the Reds. (Posted at 2:20 PM)

Thursday: 07.31.2008

All-Star Break Fizzlers…

I’ve been asked in a few comments and about five emails to post some of the players that fizzle out after the break. I should’ve done it about 10 days ago, but it didn’t get done. I will have it up by Friday morning at the latest. There will still be two months to utilize the data in practice and at the very worst, it’ll be worth looking at against those that perform well during the dog days.