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Tuesday: 08.19.2008

Tigers Win!! Tigers Win!!!

After over 5 hours at the ballpark, I am beat. After threats of a rainout all day, the game went off without a hitch. We got there as soon as the gates opened and snagged a boatload of autographs! There was a huge play in the game where Chris Davis banged a double off the wall. Magglio Ordonez grabbed the ball and tossed a relay to Placido Polanco who promptly got it to Brandon Inge for the tag out at home of Gerald Laird. The best part of that play was that Inge tossed the ball to my sister on the way back to dugout. She has since given it to me.

I probably won’t post something in depth until Wednesday since we’re going to the game again tomorrow, but this picture sums up how amazing my night was: