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Pardon the two-day dry spell, but I have been working a big new project and it took some extra free time to get all the i’s dotted & t’s crossed, but the result is that I have officially joined the SweetSpot Network as the proprietor of their Pittsburgh Pirates representation at a site called PittPlank.com.  I am thrilled to be a part of that excellent community and I have enlisted long-time friend (virtually at least, we have been friends via the net since ’02) John Franco as a contributor.  He lives in Pittsburgh and is a fan of the team so the site also has a true fan’s voice in addition to my bandwagon one!  Make no mistake, the Pirates can never displace my Detroit Tigers.  They will always be #1 for me, but I saw this opportunity as something to seize. Writing about a team that isn’t your favorite doesn’t mean you’re cutting ties with your favorite, at least not in my case.

As with my signing on at RotoHardball back in June, this doesn’t change anything for paulsporer.com (well aside from the two day drought you have already sat through).  If you have any interest in following the goings-on of the upstart Pirates, then definitely stop by Pitt Plank and check us out.  Otherwise, we now return you to regularly scheduled fantasy content starting Friday evening.  I will see if I can carve out some extra time this weekend to deliver some extra content to make up for the dry spell, I hate doing to that to those of you who come here daily looking for something.


One Comment to “SweetSpot Network”

  1. congrats Paul!!! That is great news man. Will check you out over there.

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