Tom Hamilton Crushes Kim Kardashian

The Indians venerable announcer won Wednesday night with his hilarious dig at Kim Kardashian spurred by the length of the Indians-White Sox game.

Tom Hamilton

4 Comments to “Tom Hamilton Crushes Kim Kardashian”

  1. Hamilton is a disgrace. He gets good money to do play by play for a disgrace organization. Kardashian can wipe her ass with his paycheck. I wish “hammy” would spare us of his commentary and stick to telling us what we can’t see. After all, that’s what a radio guy is supposed to do.

    • I have to wholeheartedly disagree here. I thought it was an excellent comment trashing that famous-for-nothing pile of garbage. It was coming out of a commercial break so it’s not like he was making the crack over the game.

  2. I think chris needs to calm down, anytime someone takes a jab at the kardashians it is funny and well deserved. I like her that much you should be reading entertainment news not good baseball stuff.

  3. The Kardasians will accept all press both positive and negative – that’s the problem – not interested in listening to celebrity jokes/gossip/commentary or in booth visits from celebrities with my baseball

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