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Friday: 06.9.2006

My Fault.

I clearly overrated this team. Yes, skids happen. Yes, you can’t win them all. But this is as unacceptable as it is pathetic. This team has definitely come a long way, but they aren’t nearly as good as I thought. My fault. When do we get Tampa Bay again?

Great pic from Kurt over at Mack Avenue Tigers that I’m going to steal, but give full credit for:

Friday: 06.9.2006

Another Salvaged Series.

At least the team took one. Off to Toronto to try and win a freakin’ series. Some still haven’t seen the grave importance of this stretch or maybe I’m overrating it. Time will tell, but it has been a disappointing run. Could be a homerfest this weekend at Rogers Center with some homer-happy offenses. I previewed Toronto before the Chicago series and it can be found here. I will likely drop a more substantial post before the weekend hits, but I finally got a job today so I might start celebrating early. Go Tigers!!!!!