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Friday: 06.16.2006

Ian Snell is Black.

Are you ever surprised when you finally see a player and your mental image is completely different? There’s nothing wrong with him not being the white guy I pictured, just something that strikes you once you find out. I remember someone once said that they were surprised when they discovered Garret Anderson wasn’t white. More to the point, Snell and Francisco Liriano are engaged in a helluva battle in PNC Park. Liriano battled Jack Wilson in a great at-bat, but eventually Wilson won out and hit a 2-run homer on Liriano’s 10th offering of the at-bat after five straight foul balls. Liriano just struck out the side giving him eight for the night. With one of the best 1-2 combos leading their staff and finally a major league lineup in place, the Twins may end up spending the second half as spoilers just on the cusp contention. Regardless, with Liriano and Johan Santana atop their rotation, they aren’t long for the cellar.