The Aftermath: Game 1

You know, it doesn’t really sting as bad as I thought it might. I desperately wanted a game one win for the Tigers, as I’m sure we all did, but there are positives to take from the game. First off, a shutout would have been devastating given the chances the team had, so I was happy to see them get the four spot, and they were in it at 5-3. Don’t worry, I’m not going to drone about moral victories, but this team acquitted themselves fairly well. The Yankees punish teams for mistakes and they did exactly that when Nate Robertson misplayed the dribbler by Johnny Damon. It was an extension of them taking advantage of the fact that the Tigers couldn’t capitalize in the 2nd and 3rd innings. With two or three runs on the board, the team can shake off a 5-run third inning. Instead, they were behind the 8-ball.

The team did respond with the 3-run fifth and I think a lot can be taken from that. Chien-Ming Wang pitched well, but he is their best pitcher and they got to him for eight hits and three runs. They banged out 12 hits in all, just two fewer than the Yankees, but the timing of them wasn’t as effective as it was for the Bombers. The Tigers were rudely welcomed by Derek Jeter, who went 5-for-5 with two doubles, two singles and a homerun. In other news, all shoelaces and belts were removed from Alex Rodriguez‘s locker.

The nervousness and excitement of being in the Bronx in October is gone for this team now. All the youngsters that may’ve had the deer-in-the-headlights feeling have the first game under their belts. Meanwhile, the veterans that are not playoff-tested can now relax and focus. I put a lot of stock in game 1 and really wanted to see the team get that one, but it didn’t happen. That obviously places even more importance on game 2 and Justin Verlander. Take this one and they are very much part of this series.

Thanks to Kurt from MAT for pointing out Nate Robertson’s blog. Nice to see Nate’s take on game one and how the team is now experienced after a tough battle.


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