Hurricane Dolly Attacks My Family

After touching down earlier today, Hurricane Dolly has brutalized my other hometown of Harlingen, TX. My parents and brother (17) were pretty well-prepared so they are hunkered down and just watching the rain come down in Biblical proportions. Here are a few shots my brother took with his phone and sent to me that show how their wooden privacy fence went down on both sides of the backyard:

The painfully slow movement of this hurricane is the biggest issue now as it will continue dump inches of rain on an area ill-prepared to handle it.

I’ll be back later tonight with a baseball-related posting.


One Comment to “Hurricane Dolly Attacks My Family”

  1. Hi Paul-

    We noticed your blog entry on Tropical Storm Dolly & see your family was in the storm’s path.

    Did you know that ABC News is looking for storm aftermath photos?

    We’d love for you to contribute:

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