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Tuesday: 04.19.2011

The Ultimate Backfire

Talk about getting burned.  In an AL-Only league I play, I kept a $23 Joe Mauer.  I originally planned to get Drew Butera for a buck and just lock up all of the Minnesota catchers at-bats.  Yeah, Butera is pretty much worthless, but I was going to invest the money elsewhere.  Then the bidding for Victor Martinez slowed abruptly after $20 and I was still in it locking him up for what I believed to be a bargain $24.  Ya… now I have $47 of catchers on the DL.  Imagine the worst replacements possible and multiply it by 5000 for the kind of drek I’m going to have in my lineup.  Matt Treanor was my pickup for Mauer.  I shutter to think of the possibilities out there for Martinez.


More later…