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Wednesday: 04.20.2011

The New Icons

Today you may have noticed the sweet new icons on the right hand sidebar leading you to the various other outlets of Baseball by Paul.  Those are the handiwork of the brilliant Samantha Tran, a friend of mine who is an aspiring photographer doing great work on her blog over at Flickr.  Though her forte is photography, I thought she might be able to help me with these icons I’d been dreaming up in my mind’s eye but lacked the ability or know-how to do on my own.  I pitched it to her and I was right.

She absolutely crushed it and I’m 100% thrilled with the work.  You can see them in their tiny icon form on the right, but I wanted to share the full-scale images, too, just to show how great the work was by Samantha.  If you have any graphic or photography work you need done whether just a fantasy baseball team logo or something for your website, I highly recommend giving Sam a shot to do it for you.  She’s willing to tackle a wide range of projects so just let me know and I’ll put you in contact with her.

Here are the full size images of the amazing icons:






Wednesday: 04.20.2011

Donation Jersey Contest Update #2

I want to sincerely thank everyone who donated to the Starting Pitcher Guide.  The response to the guide exceeded even my wildest dreams.  I’m going to be drawing for the contest winners early next week after I get back from visiting my parents for Easter.  If you still want to get in, feel free (in the upper right corner).  I outlined the details of the contest here.  Basically, anyone who donated to the guide is entered and you can win either a Justin Verlander or Tim Lincecum jersey.  I’ll make a YouTube video of me drawing the winners and then email them to secure shipping addresses.

I am also going to put together questionnaire/survey type deal regarding the guide in order to get input for next year’s version.  I plan to make it even better so if you like 2011’s, then just wait for 2012.  No, I mean it, wait… we just started this season, try to enjoy it!