BA Top 100 Prospects

Some did not like the new form of Countdown entries as they’d gone away from the player profiles. That was because of time and I apologize, but I’m just devoting a lot of time to make sure the SP Guide gets out on time. Maybe in March once the SP Guide is done and things settle a bit I can pick the player profiles back up again.

In the meantime, we’re just three days from games and today was a big day in the minor league community as Baseball America released their top 100 prospects. In addition:

(told ya it was a big day!)


4 Comments to “BA Top 100 Prospects”

  1. One thing I find fascinating about these lists is the apparent inconsistencies that must have been ironed out in negotiations within their selection team. For example, Jonathan Singleton “by the numbers” is inferior to several guys listed below him that I would consider peers in age, level, and skill set (like Rendon, Arenado, and Gyorko). Also, a 1B prospect would have to rake, and 21 HRs in Corpus Christi does not get me excited. Yet there he is, #27. There must be some scouting component they’re not listing, or maybe someone on their committee is a Houston fan.

  2. Hi Paul,

    I’m a BP subscriber and follow your blog religiously. Love your perspective on baseball and pitching in particular. I have a quick question for you…

    If you had to choose between:
    Dylan Bundy
    Shelby Miller
    Garrit Cole
    Zach Wheeler

    Who will provide the most value (that would include number of starts or total innings) in 2014 in a standard fantasy Roto league?

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m SO horrible for taking so long to respond. I starred it on my phone when I read the email notification, but sometimes when I check my gmail on my iPhone it f’s it up in regular gmail in Chrome. Anyway, enough excuses. I’m a HUGE Cole fan, personally. I’d lean toward him, but the discrepancy between these four is tiny. I’d rank em:

      Cole-Bundy-Miller-Wheeler … Cole gets an advantage for his great home park and being in the NL. Hope your decision isn’t long passed. Meanwhile, is our podcast email if you want to email any other questions going forward.

  3. Thanks Paul. In our league you can’t draft certain prospects so I actually drafted everyone on my list but Cole, since he wasn’t available and then drated Chris Archer cause I like his potential. I’ll end up dumping a few back or trading them. I drafted them in the order you listed. Thanks. I’ll use that email next time.

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