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Tuesday: 08.6.2013

ERA Versus Lefties?????

Or ERAVERL to those stat nerds.


(For the uninitiated)

Monday: 08.5.2013

Brett Lawrie Catches His Own Ground-Rule Double???



Wednesday: 07.31.2013

Some Ball-Sniffin’ Fun in San Diego

Cory Luebke smells something he likes.


Tuesday: 07.30.2013

Best Celebration Ever: Chad Qualls



Thank you, Chad Qualls!!QuallsFalls

Saturday: 05.25.2013

Allen Craig’s Hero Line

Vin Scully marveled at the Cardinals’ celebration of Allen Craig‘s homer, calling it the Hero’s Line. Like Scully I hadn’t seen this before and also like Scully, I loved it! Scully would’ve preferred it for a Dodger, but I was plenty fine with Craig being the recipient of this celebration.



Thursday: 05.2.2013

Anthony Rizzo with an Awesome Catch

The title should say it all. (click if it doesn’t work immediately)


Sunday: 04.28.2013

Henry Rodriguez’s Automatic Ball Return

Nat’s reliever Henry Rodriguez wants to save Kurt Suzuki’s arm a bit instead having the ball come back on its own.



Wednesday: 04.24.2013

Josh Rutledge Rips the Cover Off the Ball

Or at least some of it…


Friday: 04.12.2013

Jose Reyes Injured After Awkward Slide

The headline (hopefully) says it all. Reyes’ footwork gets messed up, he slides way late, and ends up in extreme pain. No word yet on the extent of the injury, but I can’t imagine this turns out well for anyone.


Friday: 04.12.2013

Adam Jones Can’t Outfield & Chew Gum at the Same Time