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Thursday: 05.30.2013

TINSTAAPP: Episode 5

The fifth episode of the TINSTAAPP is now available.

Show Rundown:

  • 0:00-5:18 – Intro
  • 5:19-1:10:21 – Emails
  • 1:11:07-2:37:10 – Game of the Week: Miller at Kershaw
  • 2:37:11-2:57:27 – GotW Pick
  • 2:57:28-3:06:00 – Doug Homework Turned: Justin Masterson
  • 3:06:01-3:16:26 – Homework Assigned
  • 3:16:27-3:25:03 – Show Close
Saturday: 05.25.2013

Allen Craig’s Hero Line

Vin Scully marveled at the Cardinals’ celebration of Allen Craig‘s homer, calling it the Hero’s Line. Like Scully I hadn’t seen this before and also like Scully, I loved it! Scully would’ve preferred it for a Dodger, but I was plenty fine with Craig being the recipient of this celebration.



Thursday: 05.9.2013

Something Something Danger Zone

The Tampa Rays are two days from the Danger Zone!!!

I desperately hope that Chris Archer pitches on Saturday.


Thursday: 05.9.2013

TINSTAAPP Now in iTunes!

Finally got the approval notice from iTunes that TINSTAAPP is good to go! It should be searchable in no more than a couple of days. Here is the link.



Tuesday: 05.7.2013

TINSTAAPP: Episode 2

Welcome to the second episode of TINSTAAPP: There Is No Such Thing As A Pitching Podcast! Hey we have a name! Everything is neatly cataloged so you can decide what segment best fits the time you have available. We should be in iTunes soon, too. Just awaiting their approval.

In the meantime you can add the RSS feed into your podcatcher:

Listen Here

  • 0:00 – 19:23 Intro (19’ intros is how you have a four-hour podcast, folks!)
  • 19:24 – 36:50 Hyun-Jin Ryu
  • 36:51 – 45:45 Kris Medlen
  • 45:46 – 57:13 Derek Holland
  • 57:14 – 1:06:09 Fernando Rodney
  • 1:06:10 – 1:13:11 David Price
  • 1:13:12 – 1:21:27 Roy Halladay
  • 1:21:28 – 1:38:16 Marco Estrada
  • 1:38:17 – 1:48:37 Tony Cingrani
  • 1:48:38 – 2:00:44 Ricky Romero
  • 2:00:45 – 3:23:32 Our Game of the Week: Homer Bailey at Lance Lynn
  • 3:23:33 – 3:47:15 Picking Next Week’s GotW
  • 3:47:16 – 3:50:24 Close

Show Notes:

Saturday: 05.4.2013

Jeremy Guthrie’s New “Success”

Jeremy Guthrie has a 3.06 ERA through five starts which looks like a continuation of his post-trade work with the Royals from last season when he had a 3.16 ERA in 91 innings over 14 starts. All told, he had a 3.14 ERA in 123 2/3 innings with 1.10 WHIP. He is blasting the zone resulting in a minuscule 5.8 percent walk rate – a marked improvement over his 6.9 percent career rate. His strikeout rate is at 16 percent as a Royal, up from a 14.3 career mark. Everything seems to suggest he has found a new level of production in his early-30s with his new club.

That strikes me as odd, though.

You don’t usually see a guy with 1111 innings of a certain level of production become something significantly better in their 30s. At least not without a major change in their pitch mix either by adding a pitch or using what he has differently. There hasn’t been any of that with Guthrie which made his improvement even more suspicious. This split of his innings as a Royal definitely stood out:







vs. CWS






vs. Rest






Guthrie has owned his Saturday night opponent since becoming a Royal and it is driving his new found success. Against the rest of the league, he’s simply been the solid, if unspectacular Jeremy Guthrie we’ve known for nearly a decade, but he’s a Cy Young frontrunner against the Pale Hose. Let’s see if he continues the dominance tonight in Kauffman Stadium.

For those wondering, two of these five starts have come in Kauffman Stadium and he’s allowed five runs, but only one earned in 13 2/3 innings with nine strikeouts and two walks.

Thursday: 05.2.2013

Anthony Rizzo with an Awesome Catch

The title should say it all. (click if it doesn’t work immediately)