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Tuesday: 03.12.2013

Get Off Me, Cowherd






You too, Eisen.



(Most of you are like, “but you’re not Jason Collette”. No, no I’m not, but I do cohost that podcast.)

Tuesday: 02.26.2013

Podcast Appearance: Minor League Report

Last week I appeared on the Minor League Report with Jay Burnham, Eric Little, Sam Siegel, and Mike Passanisi¬†to talk some minor leaguers in fantasy baseball. Their crew is heavily involved in minor league baseball¬†so they know what they’re talking about and if you’re someone who cares about the minors, you should be listening to their show. Click the picture below to access the iTunes feed of The MLR.

I’ll have an update regarding the release date of the SP Guide very soon. I’ve been spending just about¬†every waking moment on the guide now for several weeks. We’re in the homestretch and it’s going to take some more sleepless nights if I’m going to hit the 3/1 target release date. By the way, the time spent on the guide these last couple of weeks is why content here has been scant, but once you see the guide I hope you understand why I had to make the tradeoff. And more importantly, I hope you end up thinking it was worth it.

Friday: 02.22.2013

MLB At Bat 13

I was going to do a post letting everyone know that At Bat’s 2013 iteration was available, but my BP colleague¬†Maury Brown already did all the fantastic leg work so I’ll point you to his preview of the app instead:

Biz of Baseball Previews At Bat

Meanwhile, after a pair of fake fake games yesterday as the Red Sox split up to take on a pair of colleges, we get real fake games today with four Spring Training games on the docket. This is a beautiful site:


Elsewhere on the net:

I wrote about five interesting pitchers to follow this Spring Training as they battle to be a part of the Opening Day 25.

I had¬†Mike Gianella as a co-host, filling in for¬†Jason Collette, and Bret Sayre as a guest on this week’s Towers of Power podcast. Gianella and Sayre are both new additions to the BP fantasy team for 2013.

Tuesday: 02.12.2013

LABR and Radio and Pods, Oh My!

Plenty of goings on lately including:

  • Tonight is the LABR mixed league draft. It’s my first “industry expert league”. I have done mocks for magazines before, but never a full league. Jason and I will be co-owning, but I’ll have the reins tonight at the draft with J out for family duty. If there was ever a reason to miss, it’s family stuff! If you’ve listened to the podcast at all, though, we have the same brain so it doesn’t really matter if one of us couldn’t make it. We got saddled with the 14th pick which might not be so bad when you really think about it. There’s the top three, another handful going in that four to seven range, and then a giant cluster of like-valued guys so picking near the end of that clump and then again quickly in the second round won’t be so bad. If you want to follow the draft live this evening, you can do so here. I’m fairly certain¬†Jennifer Lawrence will be following along in the chatroom cheering me on. I mean, it’s whatever.¬†

  • In addition to our regular podcast, the Towers of Power Fantasy Hour, I’ve appeared on another BP podcast twice in the last couple of weeks. Effectively Wild is doing their team-by-team previews and I did the Tigers one (obv) plus I contributed to the Cleveland Indians one. I’ll be on for the Nationals and Phillies in the future as well. BTW, I’d bump my Indians win projection by about 3-4 games with the Michael Bourn signing. I could reasonably go high since it’s the adding of him and subtraction of¬†Drew Stubbs, but I’ll stick w/3-4. Speaking of these two podcasts, this probably shouldn’t surprise you because I’m a titan:

Meanwhile, here are some random things interesting me at the moment:

Between Two Ferns Oscar Buzz Part 1, and Part 2: SO GOOD!!!! Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain, Bradley Cooper, Christoph Waltz, Amy Adams, and of course Zack himself. Just so much greatness here.

Harlem Shake everything!

House of Cards

Texas being awesome & Beyonce making a semi-duck face look cute as hell

Jennifer Lawrence is the best. No one is more real during her interviews

Pitchers & Catchers reporting all over the MLB:


Friday: 01.25.2013

Productive Outs – Ep. 34 (feat. Paul Sporer)

The brilliant minds behind Productive Outs,¬†Riley Breckenridge and¬†Ian Miller¬†(REAL rockstars!! Thrice, Kowloon Walled City), were kind enough to invite me on for some spoken words and it was wondrous. If you’re not familiar with the Productive Outs Tumblr (which I linked at the beginning of this post), their Twitter feed, or their Prodcast, then your life isn’t as good as it could be just yet. These are two of my favorite people whom I’ve yet to meet in real life and I commend all of their doings to you.¬†

Tuesday: 10.16.2012

Bruce Commercial

This is how everyone *sings* that commercial in their houses, right?  RIGHT??!?!?!!

Bruce Playoff Commercial

Thursday: 09.27.2012

Tom Hamilton Crushes Kim Kardashian

The Indians venerable announcer won Wednesday night with his hilarious dig at Kim Kardashian spurred by the length of the Indians-White Sox game.

Tom Hamilton

Wednesday: 09.26.2012

Something You Don’t Hear Very Often as a Tigers Fan…

If you have followed the Tigers season at all this year, you know just how rarely this is heard from the mouth of play-by-play guy Mario Impemba.

Tigers Defense

Sunday: 07.29.2012

Double Entendres for the Win!

Brian Anderson, color guy for the Tampa Bay Rays, caught himself in a hilarious double entendre when discussing Miss USA Laura McKeeman (who works for FOX Sports w/Anderson & Co.) and his dad.  Enjoy.

Click here if the audio player doesn’t work.

Also see: McKeeman throw the first pitch in Miami.

Tuesday: 07.24.2012

Rod Allen on Delmon’s Patience

When¬†Mario Impemba and¬†Rod Allen began talking about¬†Delmon Young‘s … ahem free-swinging ways… on Tuesday night’s telecast, Rod could barely contain himself at the sight of Young’s walk count for the season. ¬†Witness aurally below:

Click here if audio player doesn’t work.