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Tuesday: 03.27.2012

BS Report and Betting Dork!

My primary goal for the 2012 Starting Pitcher Guide was to make it better than last year’s offering which I considered a resounding success.  I am feeling confident that the goal will be met as the 2012 version has already had more downloads than last year’s and that number is likely to go up after today.  Today’s BS Report during which Bill Simmons discussed baseball with his buddy Jack-O and Grantland head baseball writer Jonah Keri included a plug of the SP guide.   You can and should listen to the entire podcast at the BS Report link in the previous sentence, but I’ve also included my name check here because why not?!

Simmons Plug

Additionally, I recorded my second stint on the Betting Dork podcast with Gill Alexander from  Last week we covered pitchers (naturally) and this week we dove into position players discussing a handful of over and under valued guys.  Gill is an excellent baseball handicapper and while we’d both love to add the other’s primary hobby (mine being fantasy baseball, of course), the time needed to succeed at both is just too much.  At least too much to enjoy it and maintain any semblance of a life during the summer.

Part 1 talking pitchers (I come in at the 30-minute mark, but listen to it all if you love baseball)

Part 2 talking hitters (I come in at the 43:30 mark, but again I recommend the entire show)

Monday: 03.19.2012

The 2012 Starting Pitcher Tiers & Projections – Now Available

When I released the 2012 Starting Pitcher Guide last week, I made mention into the introductory piece that there the tiered rankings you are likely used to seeing in the guide would be part of a supplement to come out later.  Later is now as I have completed the file.  It is a lot different from previous years in that this year’s version includes projections for 124 starters across the AL & NL.  I’ve never tackled projections before, but decided that it would be a healthy addition to the tiered rankings and give you a better handle on how well (or poorly in some cases) I think these guys will do in 2012.  For the aforementioned 124 arms, there will also be an additional comment within the spreadsheet so if the 73,000 words of the guide weren’t enough, I’ve got more reading for you!

Here is a sample of the AL rankings (click for full-size)

As you can see, they are split into colored tiers with the projections and comments included.  That sample shows a couple from each grouping in the AL.  There are 64 names in AL who got a projection.  I cut it off there because I’m not sure how useful projections are for the lower grade guys like Nick Blackburn, the uncertain playing time guys like Jacob Turner and the who-really-cares-if-they-pitch-200 IP-anyway-guys like Bruce Chen.  Of the 21 names in that bottom grouping that you will see on the spreadsheet, I’m sure some of them will emerge into useful arms whether in AL-only formats or all formats, but things aren’t adding up that way right now so I focused on the most useful names (in my estimation).

Here is a sample of the NL rankings (click for full-size)

Right now, the Tiers & Projections will be available to donors only. 

I’m insanely appreciative of those who donate for the work I do and I wanted to reward that generosity so once you donate through the PayPal link (also found in the upper right of the page), you will be sent the Excel file containing the information.  If you’ve already donated, it should already be in your inbox.  If it’s not and you believe you should have it, please let me know via email or on Twitter.  If your PayPal email address isn’t where you want it sent, just let me know and I’ll make sure you get it at the proper address.

Wednesday: 03.14.2012

The 2012 Starting Pitcher Guide

It’s finally here!

-400 Pitchers

-76,300 Words

-190 Words Per Pitcher (on average)

-151 Pages

Please enjoy the 2012 Guide and feel free to direct any questions and comments either here in the comments section, on Twitter @sporer or via email through sporer at g mail.  As was the case last year, you can donate to show your appreciation in the upper right corner of this page.  I sincerely appreciate any and all donations and I’m beyond flattered at the fact that I’ve already received a handful of donations AHEAD of the release.

2012 SP Guide with 400 Player Capsules

Tuesday: 03.6.2012

Update #2: 2012 SP Guide

Last week I announced that I would be releasing the 2012 Starting Pitcher Guide today, but that isn’t going to happen just yet.  It was an aggressive date that I thought I could hit, but I didn’t get everything done in time.  I’m working extremely hard and even around the clock on some days to get everything done as I know draft season is ready to fire up in earnest pretty quickly.  At the same time, I pride myself on putting together a quality product and I don’t want to rush a lesser product out just to have it done in time for the early March drafts and auctions.

I hope everyone can understand my desire to put out the best product possible as a one man crew and I apologize for those who were looking forward to today’s proposed release date.  In light of a second push-back (originally I wanted to hit March 1st), I’m not going to pressure myself into a specific date, rather I will continue working day and night to get the product ready for consumption in a timely manner that should still have plenty of utility for the overwhelming majority of drafts and auctions.  I’m confident that the product will be worth the wait.  Thanks in advance for your patience.